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How tramadol tablets provide instant pain relief ?


While pain serves an important adaptive function in all living creatures as it helps to alert the person when something went wrong in the body. It could be due to injury or illness. Pain can be short-term or long-term. But when the pain has served its purpose of sounding the alarm on a physical health problem than there is no need to endure it as is.
However there is a wide range of pharmaceutical medications that can ease the pain, one such effective pain reliever medication is available, commonly known by the name Tramadol which is an example of affordable analgesic medication.

What is tramadol tablets?

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic medication which is used for the relief of moderate to severe pain caused by an injury, surgery or illness. Tramadol belongs to the class of medication known as opioid analgesics and produces analgesia by its action on the central nervous system. Tramadol 50mg is available in both immediate release form and an extended release formulation, used for the patients who suffer through severe debilitating post-operative pain or pain associated with arthritis or other disorders.
However it is specified for the relief of both acute and chronic pain that can occur by a variety of conditions like neuropathy, tumor,  arthritis, etc.

How does tramadol tablets work?

The Tramadol-pain reliever is the generic name who belongs to the class of Opiate(narcotic) analgesics that sold under the brand name Ultram. It works by helping the person for doing daily activities and produce relaxation & sleepiness. Thus tramadol tablets are chosen as the best and long-acting pain relief tablet for back pain and joints pain.

Tramadol tablets are the centrally acting analgesic medication which means to provide pain relief by affecting neurotransmitters in the brain. Generally, tramadol hydrochloride tablets bind to serotonin and norepinephrine receptors in the brain and spinal cord to provide helps to block pain signals by reducing the brain’s perception of pain. Thus result in effective relief from pain.

Dosage and direction of tramadol to use :

For better result it is very important for an individual who suffers through pain should have to adhere the following usage instructions:

Tramadol tablets should be ingested whole directly, it should not be chew or crush.

The best dosage of an immediate-release formulation of tramadol for a normal adult is 50mg to 100mg every 6 hours, with total daily dose should not surpass 400mg.

The extended-release formulation of tramadol should not be taken once daily in a dosage of 100mg. So it is very important to remember kidney and liver impairment may result in an increase in the levels of tramadol. Therefore the dosage of tramadol needs to be reduced for elderly patients and for patients who are suffering from kidney or liver disorders.

However, the safe dosage of tramadol tablets varies based on the patient and their needs.

This tablet can be taken with food or without food every 4 to 6 hours as needed.

Do not suddenly stop taking tramadol tablet as it can cause some withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, panic attacks, nervousness, falling difficulty in asleep, nausea, diarrhea, runny nose and hallucinations.

According to FDA(food and drug administration) rules, tramadol tablet should be avoided by the children younger than 12. Although it should not be taken for a longer period of time than prescription given by the doctor or pharmacist.

Consult with doctor or pharmacist, before using tramadol tablets.
Possible side effects of tramadol tablets :
Like all other tablets, Tramadol also has certain side effects. However, not all these side effects occur commonly, if they do occur then it is very important to seek assistance from the doctor or a healthcare professional.

Common side effects include:


Less common side effects include:

dry mouth
visual disturbances

Rare side effects include:

difficulty in urination
difficulty in concentration
yellowed eyes or skin

However, if any serious side effects occur than immediately consult with the doctor about the dosage or prescription.


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